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Does your dog find it easy to destroy and conquer its toys? With the KONG Extreme it may finally have met its match! It is a particularly robust variety of the classic favourite and is designed for larger dogs with stronger jaws.
The KONG Extreme is made from 100% natural rubber and has properties that mean your dog can enjoy thoroughly chewing it. The toy also has unpredictable behaviour in play, bouncing around all over the place and encouraging your dog to chase and hunt.
Another advantage of the KONG Extreme is that it can be filled with treats, such as bones or crackers, allowing your dog to "hunt" for its reward. Snacks can be easily inserted into the KONG Extreme using the hole at the base. Unlike other chew toys, the KONG Extreme can easily withstand playful attacks from paws and teeth. The rubber material is particularly robust and will not break into pieces within minutes. The KONG Extreme is ideal for use during fetch, or for your dog to play with by itself - no pet will be easily bored by the KONG Extreme!
As with other KONG varieties, this toy is available in a range of different sizes to meet different breed and weight needs.

KONG Extreme at a glance:

  • Extremely robust dog toy for playing, fetching and chewing
  • Ideal for filling with treats
  • Specially designed for adult dogs with strong jaws that love to chew
  • Bounces and hops unpredictably for even more fun!
  • Colour: black
  • Material: natural rubber

Kong Extreme Medium


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