Made with premium quality hide and a delicious beef flavouring, Good Boy Pawsley and Co Large Chewy Braid is the perfect longer lasting chewy treat for dogs, designed to encourage positive chewing behaviour and keep your dog occupied and stimulated for longer.

A super chewy beef flavoured chew, the Good Boy Pawsley and Co Large Chewy Braid is ideal for daily treating, perfectly sized for medium and large breed dogs.  It provides your dog with an irresistibly tasty and chewy treat that helps enforce positive chewing, prevent destructive behaviour and promote good dental health, keeping tartar and plaque build up under control.

Wheat gluten free and with only 3% fat, Good Boy Pawsley and Co Large Chewy Braid is a completely guilt-free chew every dog can enjoy, made with premium quality ingredients to ensure happy, healthy dogs.  They’re enriched with essential vitamins to promote overall health, as well as prebiotics to help aid digestion.  On top of this, their super chewy texture helps keep jaws strong and keep plaque and tartar at bay, cleaning teeth through the natural chewing process.

  • A delicious beef flavoured hide treat for dogs
  • An ideal and daily chewing aid, for all dogs over 4 months of age
  • Wheat gluten free
  • High in protein
  • Low in fat (3% fat per chew)
  • Perfectly sized for medium and large breed dogs
  • Enforces positive chewing behaviour, preventing boredom and potential destructive chewing
  • Longer lasting, keeping your dog engaged in chewing
  • Promotes dental health, keeping plaque and tartar at bay
  • Enriched with essential vitamins and prebiotics for overall health and good digestion
  • 1 per pack, approximately 20cm in length

Good Boy Large Chewy Braid